In our company, we make sure that the work is a duty, for which it is worth every day to get up from bed. We know how important a good atmosphere and relationships between employees are. We are not a corporation in which everyone can remain anonymous. We solve problems immediately, and because we are a very harmonious team, every day we have less and less problems.

We are looking for people who are passionate about new technologies Digital Signage, not afraid of challenges in an industry that continues to grow. We are still up to date with technological innovations and consequently implement them into our devices.

Direct contact with the customer is not a problem for us because we like people, we like to talk to them and solve their problems. Often our clients are our best source of inspiration.

If you are interested in computers, you take them to pieces like MacGyver, you know English, so that the technical documentation doesn’t flee in panic, then you can complete an internship at our programmers section.

If you love electrical installations, if the car is your buddy in good times and bad times, and if the low current system is a piece of cake for you, please send your application to the post of electrician / technician.


TDC Polska sp. z o.o.
ul. Warszawska 53
61-028 Poznań

tel. +48 61 666 55 44
e-mail: biuro@tdcpolska.pl

Headquarters in Berlin

SCEO Deutschland GmbH
Bundesplatz 8
10715 Berlin

e-mail: info@sceo.de