Modern multimedia offer unlimited possibilities of communication, introducing solutions at the interface of urban design, digital space and architecture. This allows you to create multimedia installations, which show clearly the architectural value and become a medium for transferring the specified content. LED facades therefore allow the creation of a whole new quality of the building space, which becomes a medium to interact with customers, relay of advertising content or an artistic installation for a specific event. Regardless of the purpose, LED facades make a great impression on the audience because technological capabilities allow you to achieve a truly unique effect.

To obtain a unique and multimedia effect LED lighting is used. It allows you the creation of technologically unlimited and very impressing installations, decorating, depending on the preference parts of the building or the whole building. Sometimes it is necessary to expose a particular part of the architecture and sometimes the entire area, including the creation of moving images on its surface. Creating a moving light arrangements is a great idea for promotional, sporting or artistic events. An example of the LED facade on a large building is the facade of Centrum Spotkania Kultur in Lublin (Centre of Meeting Cultures in Lublin). The system of LED light points was placed on steel cables behind the existing glass facade.

LED facades offer the possibility of lighting the building with direct or hidden light source. Mounting directly involves placing a system in front or behind of the facade and is visible to the audience. You can also install the lighting directly and in this situation the light source is not visible. LED Facades is a multimedia solution for reasonable. Long been known that the LED lighting consumes less energy than eg. fluorescent lamps. It also allows for easy external control, intensification of colors and any shaping of programmed surface, which significantly increases the using possibility of such facades. LED lighting is also durable, because the durability is estimated to be approx. 50 thousand hours.

LED Facades allow complex multimedia installations with a unique effect due to the high quality of the emitted light. The pictures obtained through the use of multimedia facades enables to get up to 90% of fidelity of a picture obtained in daylight or by fluorescent lamps best quality. It is also important, that the LED lighting does not produce dangerous UV and infrared IR.

We recommend media facades to all those who expect from the technology the highest quality and spectacular effect. The ability to create advanced images and arrangements on huge surfaces is the perfect solution for companies, institutions or advertisers, as well as multimedia artists.


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