Advertisement or an offer of a company may appear nowadays in any place at any time of the day or night. Mobile LED screens suit well not only during presenting promotional advertising materials, but also when using them during events, shows and outdoor events. They are needed everywhere where service in several different locations is required and when the time for assembly or disassembly is limited.
Mobile LED screens are used when we need to prepare the screen to work in the shortest possible time. Preparation time for use of the mobile screen is less than 10 minutes. The biggest advantage is that the screens can be easily transported from place to place. Hence, there are several solutions to reach the audience in a very fast way.

Installation of mobile large screens

Mobile large screens can be mounted on trailers or semitrailers. Lightweight equipment undoubtedly affects easy portability. The screens on mobile trailers do not require installation, just placing. They are stabilized through special pillars, and the whole structure can be raised and lowered as needed. Such a large screen can be carried to any place without the need of its complete dismantling.

The construction of the screens

Lightweight design and the possibility of downforcing the support legs allow quick mounting of the large screen even in extreme weather conditions by one person.
Another mobile solution is a built up version of the large screen, mounted on the trailer. Similarly as in the previous solution, this screen can be lifted to a height of several meters. An additional advantage is the fact that the trailer can be equipped with a generator, which gives independence from other energy sources. This large screen does not need to be disassembled in order to transport it to another location.
Mobile screens have also hydraulic lifts, rotary mechanisms that allow rapid adjustment of the screen position or viewing angle to a given situation. Rotary mechanism can be controlled fully automatically or manually. The height of the mast, on which screen is mounted can be adjusted to your needs. Adjustable height and rotation up to 360 degrees offers you a free use of the device.

The use of mobile screens

The most common uses of mobile screens are:

  • events,

  • outdoor events,

  • summer cinema,

  • sports events,

  • mobile urban advertisments,

  • concerts.

Mobile screens can be adapted to diverse needs of customers, which involves the selection of the screen surface, resolution and adaptation of parameters to the rank of events. Like in the case of other multimedia, knowing the budget and preferences of our customers, we will adjust mobile screens so that they are an ideal carrier of content and they enrich the event. In conclusion, mobile screens are used during parties and outdoor events. Their biggest advantages are: quick installation, ability to be operated by one person, adjustment of the mechanism to customer needs. This is facilitated by SCEO® software, which is also tailored to mobile LED screens.



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