The project involved the delivery of multimedia equipment with the implementation of the project “Reconstruction and renovation of the historic building of the Literary Museum of Henryk Sienkiewicz in Poznan". Interactive LCD touch screens, as well as multimedia infokiosks, LCD monitors or position for blind people are media, thanks to which visitors can learn about the life and work of the writer. Dedicated application allows you to watch film materials, photographs, and books. Sets of LCD screens, are also equipped with headsets. Visitors can also see the keepsakes or images, which are found in the interior of rooms. At the information desk, using the button, you can learn more about the exhibit. After pressing the button, lector talks about the object, which is additionally highlighted by reflector.

  • positions for blind and disabled people,

  • dedicated application SCEO®Software,

  • several multimedia positions,

  • touch screens,

  • multimedia kiosks,

  • projection positions.



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