Modern technologies allow to combine the issues associated with operating events including sport events, with the possibilities of displaying advertising materials. One of this solutions are versatile scoreboards SCEO®SportLED.

Scoreboards SCEO®SportLED are used in many places, including playgrounds, gymnasiums, entertainment halls, stadiums, swimming pools, water parks, ice rinks, and many others. They can provide an alternative to the classic scoreboard, bulletin board or clock.

This solution is characterized by the ability to display a variety of content. The most popular are the results, the duration of the game, information about scored goals, or cards from a judge. You can also use it to present marks of the teams or their line-up. In addition, you can show more information and advertising from sponsors, including animations. On the scoreboard you can also display a live picture from the camera - for example, fans at stadium.

Operation of the scoreboard software does not pose problems even for amateurs. SCEO® intuitive program allows an easy installation and rapid changes in the displayed content. It is possible remotely, with touch screens, also from tablets. In addition, dedicated control panels are designed. This allows faster and more intuitive operation - for example, the judge during the match.

Software SCEO® for scoreboards is compatible with any sports discipline. For basketball games TDC Polska has the necessary certifications FIBA Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, designed for sports competitions at the international level and the necessary additional fittings in the form of four-sited clocks, sirens, auxiliary clocks.
SCEO®SportLED scoreboards can be used both in buildings and outdoors. They are resistant to changing weather conditions. Furthermore, the brightness of the LEDs provides good visibility of displayed content and the uniformity over the entire surface by using of high density LEDs.

TDC Polska will adapt SCEO®SportLED to individual order to meet the expectations of the customers. Moreover, we can customize the implemented project to the existing infrastructure of LED screens or integrate the equipment with the already operating system or software of sports results from different manufacturers.
On the market there are new scoreboards in the form of e-cube suspended from the ceiling (scoreboard cube). They display contents in all directions, thus they are clear to a wider audience at the same time.

Fixing the scoreboard CEO®SportLED is dead easy. The most commonly used solution is to mount it directly on the wall. You can also tilt it at an angle of 65 degrees from the wall (to take advantage of the properties of the scoreboard- it shines the brightest in the middle of the solid angle) or place on supports (freestanding or affixed, eg. to the roof). Often used solution is mounting of double boards - on a wall or on a pole, giving more room to display information.


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