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TDC Polska sp. z o.o.

ul. Warszawska 53, 61-028 Poznań Poland

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NIP: 764-259-64-52
REGON: 300853199
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Comprehensive solutions

We provide comprehensive advice at every stage of the project: from the emergence of an idea through the implementation of the project, production and assembly to its management. We also offer training for employees on the use of our product and 24-hour technical support.


Satisfaction and comfort as well as the sense of confidence of our customers are the most important for us, which is why we are a manufacturer or direct importer of all products we supply. Thanks to this, we always have their quality under control.


We have knowledge and many years of experience, supported by the implementation of various projects, including LED screens, interactive kiosks, Digital Signage systems, multimedia applications, videowalls and many other custom made products and solutions. We provide solutions all over the world, both for business and individual customers as well as for public utility entities. We have worked for many years on our professionalism, now it works for you!


Our team consists of people with passion, fully committed to the implementation of the tasks entrusted to them. Our team includes designers, programmers, service technicians and high-class computer graphic designers. Together, we care for our customer’s satisfaction and timely execution of orders.

Basic information

We are a creative supplier of multimedia solutions. The area of our activity are broadly understood Digital Signage systems. We deal with installations of wall screens, networks of LCD screens, interactive kiosks, sales of DS software, as well as the implementation of individual projects. We tailor our solutions to your needs.

Nothing is impossible for us, and we treat each new order as a challenge. As pioneers on the European market and one of the most oldest companies in the technology industry in Poland, we have the knowledge and experience that allow us to implement even the most complex projects.

We are dynamic and creative – we constantly observe changing trends and test new technologies in order to be able to offer our customers the most effective and comprehensive solutions.

TDC Polska’s quality policy is constantly being improved and adjusted to the growing needs of our customers.

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