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LED banners

When 25 years ago Real Madrid, as the first football club, installed digital sports banners at the Santiago Bernabeu during the 1994/1995 season, not everyone was aware that LED banners would become an inseparable element of modern stadiums, multifunctional and sports halls. Today, their presence serves not only to meet the licensing requirements of facilities for the organisation of top-level events and competitions. LED sports banners are primarily a carrier of multimedia advertising and information content during all kinds of sporting events, increasing the attractiveness of the facility and the event itself. SCEO®SportLED is a solution dedicated to both open facilities such as stadiums and typically indoor arenas or sports halls.

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What distinguishes SCEO®SportLED?

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SCEO®SportLED banners are technologically and structurally adapted to unfavourable outdoor conditions at sports facilities thanks to their increased resistance to high temperatures, humidity and precipitation. The SCEO®SportLED solution also means a high degree of protection against mechanical damage and increased durability of all screen components exposed to ball impact or physical contact with players. Thanks to innovative construction solutions and anti-impact coatings, our screens ensure the appropriate level of safety for players participating in sports events and significantly reduce the risk of acquiring injuries.

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High image quality and dependability

SCEO®SportLED series banners consist of high-quality components that guarantee the highest quality of the content broadcast and guarantee trouble-free operation. Optional full current and signal redundancy solutions reduce to a minimum the risk of failure during an event. The proprietary SCEO®SportLED solution enables the display of high-resolution images with the right brightness and colour saturation to attract fans and make TV broadcasts at venues that trust TDC visually more attractive.

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Our offer includes both LED banners dedicated to open-air facilities, as well as to closed spaces (indoor). SCEO®SportLED boards are made of modular cabinets that can be combined in any way, creating a banner of any length and shape. We select the distance between the LEDs and the height of the banner individually to the needs of the customer and the characteristics of the object, while maintaining all the requirements of designated federations and sports associations. Thanks to a specialist structure, the LED sports banners installed by TDC Polska allow you to adjust the inclination of the screen surface to ensure optimum visibility not only for spectators in the stands of the facility, but also for those in front of the TV. Our offer also includes LED screens enabling their installation in the form of a sports banner as well as on a dedicated free-standing structure in the form of a typical wall screen. The investor can then use the purchased screen modules in a universal manner, depending on the current needs, not only on the pitch itself, but anywhere in the facility. The investment in such a product pays off much faster thanks to the intensive use of LED screens in various applications. SCEO®SportLED also means full freedom in selecting the displayed content and dedicated software for displaying content at sports facilities.

LED boards as an advertising carrier

LED boards are an ideal digital information carrier that is increasingly replacing traditional forms of advertising. The factor that distinguishes the banners is the strength of the message, allowing you to reach thousands of recipients during a match or an event. This has a positive effect on the image of the promoting company or institution, and additionally allows you to optimise the costs associated with advertising. This form of marketing is beneficial not only for entrepreneurs but also for the environment. The components used in our screens emit minimum heat and consume much less electricity.

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