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Outdoor screens

The rapid development of digital technology offers unlimited possibilities for communication and ways of delivering content. Outdoor LED screens have become one of the most popular digital advertising and information media. They are used in a variety of public and commercial spaces and are perfect in front of museum, hotel or stadium entrances. They are a modern alternative to analogue billboards, posters or other traditional forms of advertising. We are the leader of solutions in the field of LED screen technology in Poland and Europe. Our innovative solutions allow us to create screens in various forms and sizes, from standard straight screens, through slightly curved to cylindrical forms.

ekrany zewnetrzne 5 - TDC Polska -
Realizacja TDC Polska: Frankfurt am Main, 2016
Network of LED screens for the Municipality of Walbrzych

Network of LED screens for the Municipality of Walbrzych

Malta rowing track Poznań

Malta rowing track Poznań

LED screen in Warsaw

LED screen in Warsaw

P20 LED screen Zawisza Stadium in Bydgoszcz

P20 LED screen Zawisza Stadium in Bydgoszcz

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Realizacja TDC Polska: Warszawa, 2016

What do you gain by choosing an outdoor SCEO® LEDSCREEN?

We create outdoor LED screens in such a way that they work well even in the most extreme outdoor conditions. Thanks to a specially perforated surface that reduces air resistance, we can easily mount your display even on the roof of the building. Depending on the place of installation and the expectations of our customers, we make specially dedicated structures in the form of free-standing masts, wall-mounted and hanging structures. Our offer also includes double-sided structures. The advantage of such a solution in SCOE® LEDSCREEN is the possibility of servicing the display from the front side and sharing individual components. This is a much more advantageous solution than putting together two separate screens. This saves space and time as well as reduces the cost of the entire investment. In addition, installation costs may be reduced by the possibility of using a wireless system for sending content, managing the displayed content and monitoring the LED screen.

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Infokiosk Dworzec Autobusowy
SCEO® Infokiosk
Mobile wall screens
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LED facades
gemini - TDC Polska -
pzu transparentny ekran led tdcpolska - TDC Polska -
Transparent screens

What distinguishes SCEO® outdoor screens?

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The basic feature of our screens is high and automatically regulated brightness. The outdoor screen must be adapted to the prevailing light conditions, both during the day and at night. As a result, the displayed content is always legible, the recipient does not miss any important information, and the cost of operation of the display related to power consumption is optimised.

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The components used in our displays emit minimal heat, which means our energy-efficient SCEO® EnergySaver displays consume far less electricity. This has a positive effect on the environment and reduces operating costs.

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SCEO® screens operate during rain or snowfall, and they can easily cope with low and high temperatures. They are designed to be resistant not only to water but also to dust. TDC Polska uses highly advanced technology to guarantee perfect heat dissipation, even on the hottest days.

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SCEO® LEDSCREENS are not susceptible to reactions to specific electromagnetic disturbances of other devices or systems and have the ability to retain their original properties after the impact of specific electromagnetic disturbances or signal disturbances has ceased.

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Realizacja TDC Polska: Wałbrzych, 2014

How do we create outdoor LED screens?

Market research

We are a dynamic and creative team, we constantly monitor trends and test new technologies to be able to offer our customers efficient and comprehensive solutions.

Selection of appropriate devices

Our customers define communication requirements and goals, which is the starting point for our work. We guarantee that the equipment is matched to the needs of customers. The media technology we offer is always tailored to the object, the application and the function.

Concept and design

We provide a comprehensive installation design and advisory assistance at every stage of the project. Thanks to our designers, sales staff and service technicians, we provide the best possible support and are available to our customers on all commercial and technical matters.

Full after-sale support

We guarantee employee training in the use of our products and technical support both during the warranty and post-warranty periods.

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