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Multimedia facades

The rapid development of digital technology offers unlimited possibilities for communication and ways of delivering content. This allows us to create multimedia installations that perfectly emphasise the architectural values of buildings and become a medium for transmitting specific information. A growing trend in the area of innovative architecture is the use of the building envelope as a surface for multimedia presentations.

TDC Polska is a highly specialised company providing consultancy, design, production and installation services for even the most challenging LED multimedia facade projects. We work closely with architects, lighting designers and construction engineers to identify and design appropriate projection systems and lighting solutions that facilitate unique projects. Knowing that in addition to the highest quality product, our customers also expect their multimedia facade to blend seamlessly with the architecture of the building, we offer full design personalisation, prototyping and production to deliver a customised product. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of performance, reliability, cost and ease of maintenance.

fasady2 - TDC Polska -
Realizacja TDC Polska: Lublin, 2016
fasady3 - TDC Polska -
Realizacja TDC Polska: Lublin, 2016

How do we create a multimedia facade?

Market research

We are a dynamic and creative team, we constantly monitor trends and test new technologies to be able to offer our customers efficient and comprehensive solutions.

Selection of appropriate devices

Our customers define communication requirements and goals, which is the starting point for our work. We guarantee that the equipment is matched to the needs of customers. The media technology we offer is always tailored to the object, the application and the function.

Concept and design

We provide a comprehensive installation design and advisory assistance at every stage of the project. Thanks to our sales staff and service technicians, we provide the best possible support and are available to our customers on all commercial and technical matters.

Full after-sale support

We guarantee employee training in the use of our products and technical support both during the warranty and post-warranty periods.

Advantages of LED lighting

  • Illumination of large objects
  • Exceptional colour depth, fascinating brightness
  • The transparency of the screens does not significantly limit the access to light inside the building
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Resistance to weather conditions, temperature and sun exposure
  • Light and replaceable LED profiles
  • Less energy consumption than traditional billboards
fasady - TDC Polska -
Realizacja TDC Polska: Lublin, 2016
fasady male1jpg - TDC Polska -
Realizacja TDC Polska: Lublin, 2016

What do you gain by choosing TDC Polska?

    • comprehensive advisory service at all stages of the project
    • selection of appropriate devices, selected according to your requirements
    • integration of equipment with existing infrastructure
    • multimedia content
    • employee training in the use of devices
    • technical support both within the warranty period and after the warranty period
gemini - TDC Polska -

Building illumination

LED facades allow the building to be illuminated from a direct or hidden light source. Direct installation involves placing the system in front of or behind the facade and is visible to the public. You can also install the lighting in such a way that the light source is not visible. LED lighting consumes less energy than, for example, fluorescent lamps. It also allows easy external control, intensification of colours and any shaping of the programmed surface, which significantly increases the possibilities of using this type of facades. Multimedia LED facades are also very efficient, their durability is estimated at approx. 100,000 hours, which is more than three times longer than other forms of lighting.

LED curtain

LED mesh curtain is an ideal solution for obtaining a unique, multimedia effect. It is incredibly light, durable and easy to install, which has made LED mesh curtains a popular solution for multimedia projections on the facades of external buildings such as shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, museums, stadiums, nightclubs or concert halls. The LED mesh can be adapted to different sizes and customised for architectural lighting and decorative applications, and the sophisticated, scalable and translucent system transforms any surface into a stunning palette of graphics, text and video animation in full colour.

Lighting lines

With the introduction of LED lighting, the lighting industry experienced a revolutionary and far-reaching change in technology. Lighting lines are a very original form of decorative lighting. Space lighting systems should be both functional and aesthetic. Our lighting systems are characterised by a wide illumination angle. Many years of experience in the field of LED lighting allows us to design a system for any interior, we precisely select the number of lumens, light colour and select the necessary devices.

Controlling facade illumination

By selecting the appropriate devices, it is possible to dynamically control our lighting systems. At the customer’s request, the lighting fixture can be equipped with individually personalised content and applications managing the displayed content. By using a computer network for communication, it is also possible to administer the system from any suitably configured computer with internet access. Using a web browser, an application is called up, the appearance and functions of which are designed in accordance with the user’s requirements. However, integration is the key to success. We provide modern and multifunctional devices that, thanks to a friendly user interface, allow for easy operation and control of many AV devices from the level of e.g. a touch panel.

Creating moving, light arrangements

LED lighting is used to obtain a unique, multimedia effect. This enables the creation of technologically unlimited and very effective installations, decorating, depending on the preferences, parts of the building or its entirety. Sometimes it is necessary to display specific architectural elements, and sometimes the entire space, including the creation of moving images on its surface. Creating moving, light arrangements is a great idea for advertising, promotional, sporting or artistic events.

fasady4 - TDC Polska -
Realizacja TDC Polska: Lublin, 2016
LED Luminous Facade

LED Luminous Facade

P4 LED Walls for the Frankfurt Airport

P4 LED Walls for the Frankfurt Airport

Large-format outdoor LED visualisation for Gemini Park Tychy Shopping Centre

Large-format outdoor LED visualisation for Gemini Park Tychy Shopping Centre

A wall screen for the Theatre in Inowrocław

A wall screen for the Theatre in Inowrocław

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