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With the development of AV systems, customer expectations also increase. Videomapping is an increasingly popular form of spectacular visual effects. Combined with an appropriate sound system, it has a very emotional effect on the recipient. In our mapping projects we use advanced technology hardware and software, which gives our projects a unique character.

Mapping allows you to turn any object, regardless of the size or type of surface, into an amazing video projection, the only limit is your imagination. Our team will create for you videomapping on ancient monuments, architectural models, building facades as well as on water streams.

videomapping - TDC Polska - videomapping
videomapping1 1 - TDC Polska - videomapping

How do we create Videomapping?

Market research

We constantly analyse the development of new mapping technologies. We create new ways of combining videomapping projection solutions with ever greater expectations of recipients.

Selection of appropriate devices

We use the most advanced technology that is able to meet the requirements of our customers. The starting point for us is the selection of appropriate devices from which we will be able to create a unique projection, regardless of the plane on which the content is displayed.

Concept and design

We provide a comprehensive videomapping installation project. The individually created SCEO SOFTWARE® enables our customers to quickly and easily adjust and manage the animation system.

Full after-sale support

We guarantee employee training in the use of our products and technical support both during the warranty and post-warranty periods.

LED VIDEOCUBE ÖVB Arena Bremen, Germany

LED VIDEOCUBE ÖVB Arena Bremen, Germany

P1.6 LED videowall for a TVP INFO studio, Warsaw

P1.6 LED videowall for a TVP INFO studio, Warsaw

LED screens for the Poznań International Fair

LED screens for the Poznań International Fair

LED screens for the CCC chain of shops

LED screens for the CCC chain of shops

What do you gain thanks to our videomapping system?

  • the unique nature of each type of event or museum exhibition
  • comprehensive advisory service at all stages of the project
  • selection of appropriate devices, selected according to your requirements
  • integration of equipment with existing infrastructure
  • employee training in the use of devices
  • technical support both within the warranty period and after the warranty period
videomapping2 - TDC Polska - videomapping
videomapping - TDC Polska - videomapping

We offer various types of mapping:

  • historical mapping
  • mock-ups mapping
  • 3D mapping
  • 4D mapping
  • car mapping
  • scene mapping
  • water shows
  • multimedia shows

Videomapping on the facade of the building

By using the elevations, you can create breathtaking animations. A common method is to show the changing world over the years on the wall of a popular monument. 3D videomapping allows you to create great shows that always attract crowds of interested people and become a more aesthetic, more economical and greener alternative to the ever rarer fireworks displays.

Museum installations

Spatial mapping has also found application in multimedia museums. By projecting a dedicated animation on a model of a castle, for example, you can fill moats with water and man the walls with guards. Such a solution will enliven any museum exhibition. Displaying the image on the locomotive allows you to show the work of its internal mechanisms from the inside. TDC Polska ensures the creation of appropriate animations for each type of museum exhibits.

Interactive 3D Mapping

By combining high-class projectors with dedicated sensors and software, you can create a unique installation. The image can react in various ways to a person’s movements, which allows, for example, to create an interactive floor. The image projected onto a surface covered with conductive paint can display any content, e.g. piano keys, which will allow virtuosos to play Mozart and children to have a wonderful interactive fun.

Projections in theatrical art

Mapping is more and more often used to create theatrical scenery. Thanks to appropriately positioned projectors, you can introduce animated elements on the stage, which bring the staging to life. An additional advantage of this solution is the quick and easy change of scenery in performances where the action is very dynamic. This reduces the cost of the show and facilitates its arrangement.

Presentations on unusual items

3D videomapping can be used with any light reflecting structure, even if it is in constant motion. A great effect can be achieved by projecting the image onto the sails of passing boats, but the projection of a film or animation on a water surface looks even more amazing. This solution can enliven any event and give it a unique character.

Technological presentations

During the premieres of new car models, corporations increasingly use spatial mapping to best present their new product. An animation presenting, for example, its construction can be displayed on the car body. Mapping is the perfect medium in the advertising industry. Regardless of the surface and size, by projecting properly prepared animations, each product can be presented in an amazing way.

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