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What is Digital Signage?

The term Digital Signage sounds complicated, but in fact it is an excellent and easy medium for the transmission of information and a prestigious element of interior design. Digital Signage is a system that allows for an attractive presentation of multimedia content, which is based on the use of digital image carriers. To create Digital Signage systems, we use modern and proven technology from LCD monitors and LED screens through interactive monitors, projectors, interactive boards to holographic projection.

Digital Signage allows for fully automated content management, matching the message to a given audience by specifying the guidelines for the displayed content. The great advantage of this system is its versatile use both for informational and marketing purposes. The solution is most often used in retail, public administration offices, airports and railway stations, as well as hotels and commercial real estate. Digital Signage carriers are designed for 24/7 use. We offer SCEO® products that are designed for continuous use.

The solution offered by TDC Polska allows you to display content anywhere and anytime, which is an excellent alternative to traditional billboards, posters or banners. Thanks to our proprietary SCEO SOFTWARE® software, it is possible to centrally and remotely manage content regardless of the number of information carriers.

Digital Signage

How do we create a Digital Signage system?

Market research

As a leading company in Poland and Europe, we constantly monitor trends and test new technologies in order to be able to offer our customers efficient and comprehensive solutions. We are a dynamic and creative team, thanks to which we provide the best possible solutions that meet all the expectations of our customers.

Selection of appropriate devices

Our customers define communication requirements and goals, which is the starting point for our work. We guarantee that the equipment is matched to the needs of customers. The media technology we offer is always tailored to the object, the application and the function.

Concept and design

We provide a comprehensive project for the implementation of the Digital Signage system. The individually created SCEO SOFTWARE® enables our customers to quickly and easily change the displayed content.

Full after-sale support

We guarantee employee training in the use of our products and technical support both during the warranty and post-warranty periods.

Digital Signage w komunikacji miejskiej
Infokiosk Dworzec Autobusowy
Infokiosk Centrum Handlowe TDC Polska

Where is Digital Signage used?

Digital Signage in advertising

The Digital Signage system is an ideal tool for conducting marketing campaigns. Multimedia presentation of content allows us to display advertising which attracts the eye and focuses attention for longer than classic information carriers such as leaflets, posters or traditional banners. Advertising content can be displayed on various types of carriage, such as LED screens, LCD monitors or interactive kiosks. This is a much more attractive form of advertising than traditional analogue carriers. Our solutions allow not only for the introduction of interactive advertisements but also for an immediate reaction to the customers’ needs, their behaviour and external factors.

Digital Signage in the transmission of information

Dynamic information transfer effectively replaces analogue billboards, posters or banners. It is an increasingly common form of providing information that can be used both outside at company headquarters, tourist attractions or meeting places, as well as inside buildings or vehicles. Shopping centres, clubs, hotels, restaurants are just a few examples of places in which the Digital Signage system can be used. This innovative solution can serve as a queuing system in an office, a book catalogue in a library or even as a system of timetables or flight schedules. Touch screens, called interactive kiosks, interactive kiosks and wayfinders, which can serve as an interactive map of a shopping centre, a doctor’s appointment system or public internet access points, are frequently used in the transmission of information by Digital Signage systems.

Digital Signage in artistic/decorative installations

Digital Signage can be used as an interesting artistic and decorative arrangement. You can read about highly individual solutions in the SCEO Custom Project section. The use of such carriers as a LED mesh enables the display of multimedia presentations on the facades of buildings, which can contain both advertising and information content, as well as recreational and cultural content. Thanks to this solution, shopping malls or multimedia museums can present content that was previously limited by analogue carriers. The Digital Signage system is an ideal solution in multimedia museums. Transferring knowledge using all the senses is currently the goal of many interactive exhibitions.

Our solutions
Digital Signage

Digital Signage - Instalacje AV dla sklepów

Advantages of Digital Signage

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We guarantee that the new advertisement/information will be broadcast within a few minutes of its delivery, we also provide immediate reaction to external factors through modifications of the content, thanks to which the recipients will focus their attention much longer than in the case of traditional carriers.

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Our proprietary SCEO SOFTWARE® allows you to display any content at any time, what's more, each carrier can transmit various messages. SCEO® brand components can be easily integrated with motion sensors, temperature sensors, brightness sensors and all kinds of social media.

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Advanced solutions of TDC Polska reduce operating costs and increase the possibilities of using Digital Signage. Remote control and fault diagnosis allows customers to save time and minimise monthly expenses. Preparation of content and its distribution is much faster and cheaper than traditional leaflets, posters or banners.

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Incredibly easy operation means that more and more people are choosing the Digital Signage system. Our customers can manage their content without leaving their homes, all they need is a computer with an internet connection to freely manage the carrier.

Interactive exhibition for the Haus Der Flüsse Science Park, Havelberg, Germany

Interactive exhibition for the Haus Der Flüsse Science Park, Havelberg, Germany

Skierniewice Museum – AV system

Skierniewice Museum – AV system

P3 LED screens in the Innogy sales network

P3 LED screens in the Innogy sales network

Equipment of the Arena Gliwice sports hall

Equipment of the Arena Gliwice sports hall

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