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Indoor LED screens

Thanks to indoor LED screens, the content can also be presented in closed spaces, such as shopping malls, sports halls or exhibition fairs. The use of LED displays is very wide, wherever there is a need to transmit information. LED wall screens are increasingly used in the field of education, including in lecture halls, training rooms and even museums. Indoor LED screens allow you to display any content, it can be animations, advertising, educational content, and even professional video materials in TV studios. Multimedia information carriers make the message more attractive and attract the attention of recipients for longer than traditional carriers.

Realizacja TDC Polska: Ekrany LED wewnętrzne Poznań, 2019
Realizacja TDC Polska: Poznań, 2019
ekrany wewnetrzne male1 - TDC Polska - indoor led screens
Realizacja TDC Polska: Berlin, 2020

How do we create indoor LED screens?

The content presented on indoor displays is usually received from a closer distance than outdoor screens. Screens used inside buildings have a pixel size of 0.6 – 10 mm. The key parameter differentiating indoor and outdoor wall screens is brightness. Wall screens for indoor use may be characterised by lower brightness than those used outdoors. The minimum brightness value for outdoor wall screens is 700 cd/m². However, screens with higher brightness parameters, for example 2500 cd/m², are used in brightly lit workplaces.

LED VIDEOCUBE ÖVB Arena Bremen, Germany

LED VIDEOCUBE ÖVB Arena Bremen, Germany

P6 LED screens for the new line of the Warsaw Metro

P6 LED screens for the new line of the Warsaw Metro

LED screens for the Poznań International Fair

LED screens for the Poznań International Fair

LED screens for the CCC chain of shops

LED screens for the CCC chain of shops


As a leader among suppliers and manufacturers of LED screens, we meet all the expectations of our customers. We produce displays with any radius of curvature, which allows the construction of screens with irregular shapes, such as a cone, cylinder or other solids.

SCEO® LEDSCREENS can be made of soft, flexible LED modules, and the structures are made of durable, precisely laser-cut aluminium or steel elements. Our solutions are created in such a way as to enable modification of each physical parameter of the cabinets, such as weight, material from which they are made, shape or depth, as well as the ability to adjust screen brightness, power consumption, resolution and colour depth. The indoor wall screens we offer include SCEO® Software dedicated content management software. It allows you to manage the displayed content using a browser, dedicated server, tablet or any other multimedia carrier with access to the internet.

ekrany wewnetrzne male3 - TDC Polska - indoor led screens
Realizacja TDC Polska: Warszawa, 2014
Realizacja TDC Polska: Warszawa, 2020
Realizacja TDC Polska: Bolesławiec, 2018
SCEO® Retail
Mobile wall screens
telebimmobilny2 1 - TDC Polska - indoor led screens
TV Studio
ciana wideo LED P1.9 dla Studia Telewizyjnego TVP PANORAMA mala - TDC Polska - indoor led screens
pzu transparentny ekran led tdcpolska - TDC Polska - indoor led screens
Transparent screens
ekrany wewnetrzne - TDC Polska - indoor led screens
Realizacja TDC Polska: 2019

What distinguishes SCEO® LEDSCREEN indoor LED screens?

energy saving 1 - TDC Polska - indoor led screens

The components used in our screens emit a minimum amount of heat and consume much less electricity thanks to dedicated products from the SCEO® EnergySaver series. This has a positive effect on the environment and reduces operating costs.

speed 1 - TDC Polska - indoor led screens

SCEO® LEDSCREENS are characterised by a long service life. This is a very important feature that will make a big difference to your screen selection. Innovative SCEO® solutions allow for the daily use of displays without worrying about failures. Despite intensive use, our screens work flawlessly.

flexible 1 - TDC Polska - indoor led screens

We select appropriate products individually to meet the customer's needs. We create displays of various shapes, from standard simple screens, through slightly curved to cylindrical forms. This gives us a great deal of freedom in arranging interiors such as shopping malls, conference rooms or TV studios.

transformer 1 - TDC Polska - indoor led screens

SCEO® LEDSCREENS are not susceptible to reactions to specific electromagnetic disturbances of other devices or systems and have the ability to retain their original properties after the impact of specific electromagnetic disturbances or signal disturbances has ceased.

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