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SCEO® Software

This is our proprietary content management software for both single and distributed networks of multiple digital displays, such as LED screens, interactive kiosks, monitors, projectors, allowing for the creation of complex systems, Public Display systems, Digital Signage networks and any other content presentation systems. A wide range of SCEO® products includes both ready-made solutions for managing LED screens, Digital Signage systems, interactive kiosks and dedicated solutions, created according to individual customer needs. Just tell us what you need!

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Digital Signage w komunikacji miejskiej
Digital Signage w komunikacji miejskiej

Advanced Digital Signage Tool

SCEO® Software allows you to manage the device via a browser, dedicated server or any computer with access to the internet. It is a technically advanced tool that allows you to manage multiple types of multimedia carriers in one place at the same time. SCEO® Software also allows you to define any number of user accounts and expand the system with new multimedia players. Our proprietary content distribution software has been designed with our customers in mind, thanks to the scaling of the interface size it is possible to use SCEO® Software on many types of carriers.

Player management

SCEO® Software gives you unlimited possibilities of managing your players. Thanks to our software, you can remotely manage content but also devices thanks to remote control of even the most advanced hardware and software parameters. SCEO® Software also allows for automatic reporting on the status of each individual carrier in a distributed network. SCEO® Software is easy to use, you can easily configure your digital signage network. Advanced player monitoring algorithms will ensure the reliability of your system. We have designed a tool that works intuitively, and at the same time has great configuration possibilities.

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User management

SCEO® Software is not only about managing the displayed content, but also managing user accounts. We offer a solution that allows the administrator to add new password-protected user accounts, assign different levels of access rights to users and enter contact details for each user. Thanks to this, content can be distributed by more than one person, which gives the possibility of a quick response in the event of the need to immediately change the content.

What do you gain by choosing SCEO® Software?

  • intuitive Digtial Signage software,
  • management via a web browser,
  • unlimited configuration possibilities,
  • remote management of interactive kiosks, LED screens and public displays,
  • cooperation with virtually every producer of image carriers
  • playback of any format from dynamic html content to the latest video formats
  • unlimited possibility of creating schedules, playlists and zones on the screen
  • reporting of information about played content
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Realizacja TDC Polska: Mainz, 2015
LED screens for a TV station, Finland

LED screens for a TV station, Finland

Equipment of the Arena Gliwice sports hall

Equipment of the Arena Gliwice sports hall

P1.4 LED videowall for the Uppsala University, Sweden

P1.4 LED videowall for the Uppsala University, Sweden

LED videowalls for NOWA TV, Warsaw

LED videowalls for NOWA TV, Warsaw

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