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Custom Project

What is Custom Project?

Are you looking for a solution that meets all your requirements? Do you need an unusual shape display with unique housing or innovative kinetic interaction systems? Thanks to our twenty years of experience, we are able to develop many dedicated technologies, applications and solutions in the field of audiovisual systems such as multimedia museum exhibitions, voting systems, sound and lighting systems or systems dedicated to conference rooms. SCEO® products are individually adapted to each project.

customproject2 - TDC Polska - custom project
Realizacja TDC Polska: Havelberg, 2015
Energooszczędne ekrany led sceo ledscreen

Unique forms of SCEO® LEDSCREENS

We are one of the leading suppliers of LED screens, so to meet all the expectations of our customers we produce displays with any radius of curvature, which allows the construction of screens with irregular shapes such as cylinder, cone or other solids. If you are looking for a unique product, our proprietary SCEO® LEDSCREENS will be a great choice. One of our innovative solutions are screens made of soft, flexible, modular LED cabinets. Such a solution is also an innovative form of advertising that can be displayed during a sporting or cultural event. The structures of SCEO® LEDSCREENS are made of very durable, precisely laser-cut aluminium or steel elements.

Full modularity

The solutions we use give you the possibility to modify practically every parameter of the cabinet, both the physical parameters, such as weight, material it is made of, shape, physical depth, which allows for flexible construction of screens in irregular shapes, such as circles or triangles, as well as the current parameters. Thanks to this possibility, we can adjust the brightness of the screen, power consumption and optimise the parameters of the displayed image, i.e. resolution, colour depth, colour palette, HDR, contrast or colour temperature.

power 1 - TDC Polska - custom project
Tailored to your application
devices 1 - TDC Polska - custom project
Compact size
implement 1 - TDC Polska - custom project
Easy (dis-)assembly
jigsaw 1 - TDC Polska - custom project
Possibility to build irregular shapes
sceotv sekcja - TDC Polska - custom project
Realizacja TDC Polska: Szwecja, 2019
interactive board2 - TDC Polska - custom project

What do you gain by choosing TDC Polska services?

implement 1 - TDC Polska - custom project
Comprehensive service

We offer support throughout the entire duration of your project, from the creation of a customised design, through visualisation to implementation and after-sales and even post-warranty service. It all depends on your individual requirements, contact our consultants and we will create a global project for you.

flexible 1 - TDC Polska - custom project

Our solutions give you the ability to combine and permeate various AV technologies in one installation. On request, we will integrate the new audiovisual system with the existing infrastructure and adapt it to spatial restrictions. YOU create your installation together with our design team. The only limit is your imagination!

light bulb 1 - TDC Polska - custom project
Innovative projects

We constantly follow the latest trends and try to create unconventional solutions in the field of AV systems. Our designers will create an experimental prototype for you with the participation of reputable equipment manufacturers. In our installations, we focus on quality, therefore we provide a selected selection of devices and materials.

cms 1 - TDC Polska - custom project
Dedicated software

On request, we will create a dedicated CMS, DS software for you and a content management system. We will create for you individual projects of dedicated applications for interactive kiosks and interactive panels or internet applications. We also provide software integration with other solutions and the existing infrastructure.

AV installations from TDC Polska

The scope of our services includes a wide range of AV devices and proprietary systems. In addition to dedicated structures and LED screens with irregular shapes, we also create innovative audiovisual systems used in museums, conference and training rooms or in science centres.

technology - TDC Polska - custom project
Digital Signage systems

Dedicated Digital Signage programming, a room booking system adapted to the customer's guidelines, digital image carriers, personalisation according to your requirements. We approach each project individually, therefore we provide carefully selected AV equipment which will meet all your expectations.

remote control 1 - TDC Polska - custom project
Audio-video systems

We also provide a control and image projection system design, which will be integrated with the existing infrastructure, multimedia and stage sound systems, dedicated, original conference and simultaneous systems.

transformer 1 - TDC Polska - custom project
Lighting systems

Dedicated lighting control systems, consoles, facade, stage and effect lighting. Following the latest technology and using devices of the highest quality of renowned brands on the market, we will create an innovative lighting design for you that will give character to any interior as well as a sporting or cultural event.

sale konferencyjne miniaturka - TDC Polska - custom project
Interactive exhibition for the Haus Der Flüsse Science Park, Havelberg, Germany

Interactive exhibition for the Haus Der Flüsse Science Park, Havelberg, Germany

Skierniewice Museum – AV system

Skierniewice Museum – AV system

Interactive exhibition for the Multimedia Museum in Kalisz

Interactive exhibition for the Multimedia Museum in Kalisz

Interactive tables and a videowall for the Polish Tourist Organisation

Interactive tables and a videowall for the Polish Tourist Organisation

Dedicated interactive products of the SCEO® brand


More and more often, traditional maps, navigation in shopping centres, hospitals or information guides in cities are replaced with multimedia carriers. Tourists and gallery customers often buy maps themselves or ask passers-by for directions before reaching the tourist information. Wayfinders is an innovative solution that, together with our dedicated SCEO® application, creates a tool that allows customers to easily and quickly find a service point, office or shop. Thanks to the tactile technology, Wayfinders are perfect not only in shopping malls, but also in exhibition halls, museums, during events or conferences.

Infokiosk Dworzec Autobusowy
interactive board - TDC Polska - custom project

Kinetic wall

Interactive videowall is an innovative technology used primarily in marketing. Thanks to the interaction with the recipient, which attracts the attention of many customers, each product, event or interior becomes more attractive. The use of kinetic walls is not limited to commercial space, their use can be versatile and unlimited. This type of multimedia device will be perfect for hotels, tourist resorts, museums and even schools. Intelligent image distribution and motion tracking systems used in our products enable full interaction when motion is detected. This allows the content to be adapted and transformed into a multimedia tool.

Interactive floor

The interactive floor is a modern carrier of multimedia content that engages the recipient to interact, which makes it more attractive and focuses the user’s attention for longer. Multimedia flooring is a creative solution that can be applied in many industries, such as marketing, education or entertainment. It is also perfect for children’s corners, where, thanks to dedicated applications, they can play educational games that engage them physically.

podloga - TDC Polska - custom project
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