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We are a leading supplier of LED screens
and creative multimedia solutions

What is Digital Signage?

In recent years, Digital Signage has become an excellent and easily accessible medium for the transmission of information. Digital Signage systems are used as multimedia carriers of various types of content, which successively replace traditional brochures, posters and billboards. Digital Signage is all around us, at the cinema, in a restaurant, at school or at a bus stop. The carriers of the transmitted content can be LCD monitors, LED screens, videowall monitors, multimedia totems, interactive kiosks, and even holographic projections. The LED displays we offer are perfect as a multimedia advertising or information carrier. Depending on the purpose of the display, our products can be adapted to work in all conditions, in open space, in closed facilities, as well as in industrial spaces.

Concept and design

The area of our activity are broadly understood Digital Signage systems, LED screens and Audiovisual systems. We deal with installations of wall screens, networks of LED screens, interactive kiosks, sales of content management software as well as the creation of interactive museum exhibitions, the supply of AV equipment for conference and training rooms, and the implementation of individual, unconventional projects of our customers. We offer services for all phases of the project: planning, design, equipment selection, production, execution and assembly, all the way to configuration and integration with the existing infrastructure. Our advantage is not only extensive experience in the audiovisual installation industry and know-how, but also the ability to design and arrange interiors.

Market research

We treat each new project as a challenge. As pioneers on the European market and one of the most experienced companies in the technology industry in Poland, we have knowledge that, together with many years of experience, allows us to implement even the most complex projects. We constantly analyse the development of new technologies in the area of Digital Signage to meet the requirements of our customers. We are dynamic and creative – we constantly observe changing trends and test new technologies in order to be able to offer our customers the most effective and comprehensive solutions.

Our Products

Comprehensive solutions directly from the manufacturer

Advertising displays - LED panels, light screens

SCEO®️ LED screens

More and more often they are an integral part of marketing activities of many companies and institutions. LED displays used during fairs, events and sporting events can increase their attractiveness in the eyes of the audience. The operation of our screens is based on the highest quality components from reputable manufacturers throughout Europe. We offer something for everyone. The LED screens we supply are LED displays for both indoor and outdoor use. We are the manufacturer or direct importer of all the products we supply. We are building a strong brand of SCEO®LEDSCREEN and SCEO®EASY LED displays based on many years of activity and experience of our qualified engineering staff. To meet the increasing requirements of our customers, each display can be equipped with a dedicated system for managing the displayed content. Our proprietary SCEO® Software is a technically advanced tool that allows you to manage many types of multimedia carrier through a browser, dedicated server, any computer or tablet with internet access.

AV Systems

Our audiovisual systems use innovative, interactive technologies and advanced mechanisms never used before. Proprietary content management software and our interactive devices have a wide range of applications. AV systems of our proprietary SCEO®️ brand are used primarily in multimedia museums, conference and training rooms as well as in sports halls and arenas. We also use advanced audio-video solutions from renowned producers on the European market.

Rental of LED screens

We offer rental of most of the devices that you can find in our offer. Thanks to rental LED screens, we provide audiovisual setting for many events, such as conferences, fairs, concerts and various types of sporting events. We provide comprehensive solutions with technical support.

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