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Transparent screens

Transparent LED screens are a solution used in projects requiring transparency, which are perfect for points of sale such as shopping malls, shop windows, service and information points such as airports, bus and railway stations. Transparent LED displays are increasingly used during events that imitate partition walls, which allows you to easily arrange the space. The biggest advantage of our proprietary SCEO® transparent screens is that they do not close off the light inside the building, allowing natural light to constantly enter the room while maintaining a very high level of brightness. Thanks to this, the displayed content is clearly visible even on a very sunny day. Transparent LED screens are most often used in installations in glass facades/display windows or building facades. Our proprietary SCEO® displays are used both for outdoor and indoor installations. Screens characterised by high brightness, which are dedicated to outdoor use and offer increased resistance to changing external conditions, are also very popular.

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How do we create SCEO® transparent screens?

The ultra-modern technology used to manufacture the modules from which the screens are built ensures that they are very durable and high-quality products. Transparent displays are most often installed in a modular form, flexible meshes with spots filled with LEDs, as well as flexible and rigid LED strips with diodes embedded inside. Thanks to the flexible and modular form, any arrangement of the screen, its extension or modification is possible. Transparent screens are characterised by free horizontal or vertical spaces between the individual diodes of the matrix forming the LED screen. Wall screens made of LED meshes are characterised by a larger pixel pitch than in standard LED screens with even pixel spacing, which makes it possible to cover an area of hundreds or even thousands of square metres with LED dots.

Transparency exceeding 50%

At the customer’s request, we also create SCEO® transparent screens, which are characterised by uneven spacing of LEDs, with vertical spacing usually twice as large as the horizontal one, to ensure transparency in every second horizontal line of the screen. This solution makes it possible to build high-resolution transparent displays that simultaneously have a relatively small surface area, while maintaining transparency exceeding 50%.

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What distinguishes SCEO® transparent screens?

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Modular structure

the modular form allows you to create a screen of any size and allows you to modify the existing display. To ensure long and trouble-free operation, we use the highest quality components from renowned manufacturers for the production of our LED screens.

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High transparency

our transparent screens are designed in such a way as to achieve transparency exceeding 50%, which means that when looking from behind the screen, even when it is turned on, the external space is visible.

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Lightweight structure

displays are built on light, aluminium structures. The modular form makes the assembly easy and quick, and facilitates access to other elements in the event of a need for repair or maintenance.

What do you gain thanks to transparent LED displays?

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Possibility to manage multiple carriers
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Multiple media management capabilities
durable 1 - TDC Polska - Ekrany transparentne
Quick and easy (dis-)assembly
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Minimum power consumption
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