The Use of LED Bands

Sport fans attach the greatest importance to details and with SCEO®SportLED screens it is possible. High quality of the picture translates into greater interest of the public with displayed materials. Today, sporting events and broadcasted games are an opportunity for sponsors to reach a wide range of customers.

Therefore, the use of these advertising media is associated with reaching not only the consumer, but above all his consciousness, that shapes his attitude towards the product. SCEO®SportLED screens can be used in closed spaces such as indoor games, as well as in open space such as equestrian events or matches. Area of the band can have different sizes and depends primarily on the nature of the event. The more spectacular it is the more viewers will see the information displayed on the bands.
The selection of the screen is influenced mainly by the aforementioned factors. However, outdoor screens need to be protected, both from the front and rear, against variable weather conditions or moisture (read more in the article: "Large Screens - Outdoor and Indoor Solutions"). With such protection they can be used during outdoor games and other sport events. Indoor screens do not require such protection.

Bands consist of individual cabinets, which may be combined in any manner to a band of any length. On request, we can produce a band of any height; typically it is 80-120cm.

Outdoor Bands

Band for outdoor use, such as  football stadium, has a brightness adjusted to the sunlight and is weather resistant. In general, the viewer is far away from the band, so that the pixel pitch from 10 to 20 mm allows you to display large subtitles, logotypes, animations and so on.

Indoor Bands

Bands for indoor use, eg. in sports halls, has a brightness of 700-2000cd / m². Pixel pitch size ranges from 6 mm to 16 mm, which allows you to display logos inscriptions and other information, same as in in the case of outdoor carrier. The viewer is usually located in a short distance from the band.

Software for Bands

All SCEO®LEDScreen bands work in high refresh rate (above 1000 Hz), which perfectly affects the picture readability during sporting events. SCEO®Software allows you to split the band into smaller items and circular ads, and even to count the advertising time.

Device Transportation

Portable boxes, so called Fligh Case, are used to transport large screens. The area of carried media, transport and storage costs are undoubtedly lower. The customer selects the length of the band and finishing options. Their mobility and ease of assembly and disassembly are also important, which is achieved through the use of Fast Lock connection. Due to the high degree of exposure of bands to mechanical damage, for example, by contact with speeding players or football, sport bands are equipped with additional reinforcing elements. To protect players from injury special rubber canopies are used over the diodes and protective foam is mounted on the top of the band. In addition, bands are equipped with support legs, which make the structure very stable.



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