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Data realizacji
Lipiec 2018
Miejsce realizacji
Gliwice, Polska

Equipment of the Arena Gliwice sports hall

Szczegóły realizacji:

In July 2018, we carried out a comprehensive project for the Arena Gliwice sports hall, including the preparation of the detailed design, delivery, installation and commissioning of the supplied AV equipment, training, technical assistance and a complete as-built design of the supplied systems. Arena Gliwice is one of the most modern and largest sports and entertainment centres in Poland, offering 17,178 seats for users. The project included equipping all areas of the facility with content presentation systems, from the main hall and training hall equipment, through corridors, VIP rooms and conference rooms, to complete equipment for technical rooms, as well as network, signal and power supply infrastructure.

Wykonane prace

Equipping the Arena Gliwice hall with a content presentation system

Centrally suspended Video Cube and LED banners including:

  • SCEO® LED SCREEN ‘VIDEO CUBE’ with a diode spacing of 5.0 mm in the form of a cylinder
  • with an area of over 120 m2 and a resolution of 6016 x 800 px,
  • SCEO® LED SCREEN ‘RING’ with 5.0 mm diode spacing in the form of a double-sided cylinder
  • with a total area of over 25 m2 and 24 m2 and resolutions of, respectively, 10496 x 96px
  • and 10112 x 96 px,
  • 4 projectors with a brightness of 29,000 centre lumens each in UHD resolution, enabling videomapping of the image on the hall plate with an area of over 450 m2 and 8K resolution
  • truss system, stage winch system BGV D8 + 250 kg and BGV C1 1,100 kg together with
  • an advanced cable winding system,
  • Over 80 running meters of Band SCEO® LED SCREEN with 5.0 mm diode spacing in a form that allows any configuration, including building standard LED screens.

The system of control rooms of the Main Hall and Training Hall included:

  • AV 52×52 matrix system based on the modular AMX matrix and the Blackmagic Design matrix
  • NOVASTAR LED screen processors and controllers
  • 4K main production system with video switchers based on BARCO and ANALOGWAY video processors
  • Advanced production system generating 24 4K signals based on 6 COOLUX Pandoras BOX Server Mediaservers
  • Central Control System (AMX)
  • Systems: Intercom; KVM; UPS and network switches
  • Project accessories: Transmission systems, signal converters and video recorders, Graphic stations, laptops, preview monitors
  • Infrastructure: UPS system and LAN network switches

The Digital Signage system of the facility including its scope:

  • 48″ LCD monitors with Digital Signage players.- 43 pcs.
  • 43″ LCD monitors with DS players – 16 pcs.
  • 55″ LCD monitors in VIP lounges integrated with IPTV system – 32 pcs.
  • videowall from 55″ seamless monitors (13×1 in portrait format) with 16-output controller,
  • videowall from 55″ seamless monitors (12×2) with 24-output controller,
  • videowall from 55″ seamless monitors (5×1 in landscape format) with a 5-output controller,
  • Interactive/touch totems 55″ outdoor and indoor – 5 pcs.
  • LED SCEO (R) LED SCREEN videowall with a 1.6 mm dot (7.68 m2) with a resolution of 1920×1440 with controllers and a video processor,
  • Video streaming system based on EXTRON transmitters
  • Displayed content management system supporting over 140 carriers – SCEO ® Software

Comprehensive equipment of 7 conference rooms with AV systems:

  • 7 Professional 8000 ANSI Lumen NEC installation projectors with dedicated lifts
  • 7 Electric projection screens
  • Four 75” LCD NEC monitors
  • Sound systems with wireless microphones for each room
  • AV central matrix and control systems for AV devices, lighting and mechanics in rooms based on AMX all-in-one units for each room

Sports score system

  • Scoreboards for the main hall with accessories: arrows, clocks, LED strips and control panels, certified by FIBA Level 1
  • Scoreboards for the main hall with accessories: arrows, clocks, LED strips and control panels, certified by FIBA Level 1
  • Video Scoreboard systems for the main hall and training hall
  • SCEO® LED SCREEN, with a 4.8 mm diode spacing, area of 28 m2 and a resolution of 1456×832 pixels

CCTV system

  • Analysis and extension of the CCTV system, including network infrastructure, to meet the requirements for conducting mass events in high-risk facilities.
  • Conducting tests and coordinating system acceptance by the Department of Safety and Crisis Management

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