In response to public demand solutions, pro-eco and pro-energy - LED screens with reduced demand for electricity have been created.
In the LED screens are mainly two types of LEDs used: DIP and SMD. TDC Polska offers screens based on SMD LEDs, drivers with low power consumption, high-efficient power supplies making SCEO®EnergySaver screens energy efficient. Less power consumption translates into lower operating costs. Therefore the choice of solutions based on this technology, results in a measurable reducing costs - up to several tens of percent for the solutions with the same parameters, but energy-inefficient.
TDC Polska has prepared and made research on the innovative solution - SCEO®EnergySaver. Their base was comparing of energy consumption between the standard screen and the SCEO®EnergySaver screen. LED screens with the following parameters have been compared: PH10mm screen, outdoor, brightness 8000CD / m², DIP LED (standard screen) PH10 mm screen, outdoor, brightness 8000CD / m², SMD LED (SCEO®EnergySaver screen). The aim was to demonstrate measurable financial savings for users of innovative SCEO®EnergySaver solutions. 

The results defended the thesis and confirming the power efficiency of SCEO®EnergySaver solutions. The savings are visible already in the first month of use. Comparing consumption over ten years, savings for users of SCEO®EnergySaver have a measurable value. SCEO®EnergySaver allows to save up to several tens of percent comparing to the standard screen.

Reducing of operating costs of energy-efficient SCEO®EnergySaver screens, due to the use of SMD LEDs, is not their only advantage. LED screens have also a positive influence on the environmental care.
Applied LEDs and advanced drivers emit minimal heat. In addition, energy-efficient products offered by TDC Polska - SCEO®EnergySaver - are equipped with dedicated power supplies with high efficiency, which emit less heat than non-energy efficient solutions.

In addition, the packaging of SCEO®EnergySaver solutions are ecological and 100% recyclable.

The choice of solutions, operating on the basis of energy-efficient LED technology, such as SCEO®EnergySaver screens proves wise, ecological approach to protect our planet while caring about the state of corporate finance.


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