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Data realizacji
Grudzień 2018
Miejsce realizacji

P3 LED screens in the Innogy sales network

In December 2018, we received an order from Innogy Polska SA, which is one of the main suppliers of electricity, for the delivery of LED screens to the chain of showrooms. LED walls were installed as multimedia posters. More and more often, the Digital Signage system is replacing analogue carriers, in this case ordinary posters or banners have been replaced with LED screens with a diode spacing of 3.0 mm. This is a much more interesting form of presenting advertising content and will certainly focus the recipient’s attention for longer than ordinary analogue carriers.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

Our dedicated SCEO SOFTWARE® allows you to display any content at any time, what’s more, each carrier can transmit various messages. The screens were properly selected to meet the needs of Innogy Polska S.A. Due to the varied surfaces of showrooms, we have adjusted the dimensions and resolution to individual assembly locations (960 × 640, 832 × 448 and 1472 × 640 pixels). Each screen contains a router with a SIM card, which ensures constant connection to the internet and, together with SCEO SOFTWARE®, allows you to easily manage the displayed content. This solution is widely used, not only in showrooms, but also in conference rooms, hotel receptions or customer service points at airports. A suitable solution, such as in the project for Innogy Polska SA, reduces operating costs and increases the possibilities of using Digital Signage. Remote control and fault diagnosis allows customers to save time and minimise monthly expenses.

Parametry ekranów:

3.0 mm
960 × 640 / 832 × 448 / 1472 × 640 px
innogy - TDC Polska -

Solution used

  • energy-saving LED screens from the SCEO®EnergySaver series
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