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Data realizacji
Marzec 2018
Miejsce realizacji
Tychy, Polska

Large-format outdoor LED visualisation for Gemini Park Tychy Shopping Centre

In the period from March 2017 to March 2018, TDC POLSKA was responsible for comprehensive design, delivery, assembly and commissioning of the large-format outdoor LED visualisation system for the most modern commercial facility in Tychy – Gemini Park Tychy.

Szczegóły realizacji:

The project covered the installation of 450 m2 of LED screen and nearly 3,000 running meters. LED illumination in the form of dynamically controlled RGB light lines. 450 m2 of SCEO® LED SCREEN mounted on the facade of the facility, in the form of flexible and transparent LED meshes, was used to build two displays, with areas of, respectively, 180 m2 and 270 m2. The pixel spacing of 62.5 mm, with such a huge surface area, made it possible to obtain resolutions enabling the display of any video content, such as films, animations and graphics. The entire system is managed comprehensively from the level of advanced content distribution SCEO® Software. Almost 3,000 running meters. SCEO® brand light illumination was used to illuminate the entire facade of the building by integrating it into the architectural elements of the building. Individual fragments of light lines are individually addressed and can display illuminations in a full colour palette. The system of light lines has been mapped entirely from the level of advanced lighting management MADRIX Software, thus enabling the preparation of exceptionally creative light animations. Both systems are controlled by a professional Hewlett Packard graphics station. The combination of SCEO® screens and light lines allows you to create professional light shows combining video content with light animations on the entire surface of the facility.

Wideo z realizacji:

Parametry ekranów:

62.5 mm
450 m2
gemini - TDC Polska -
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