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Information boards at border crossings

We have equipped the border crossings in Kuźnica Białostocka, Bobrowniki, Korczowa, Medyka and in Krościenko with several dozen LED boards. We have delivered and installed 27 LED information boards with 2 computer sets for the needs of the Border Guard in Kuźnica Białostocka and in Bobrowniki.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

The carriers are mounted on the direction of exit from Poland and on the direction of entry into Poland. The boards, based on SMD technology and dedicated software for content management, display information and messages for drivers of passenger cars and trucks. Mounted at a height of 5 and 8 meters, they have automatic brightness adjustment and a wide viewing angle. We also delivered and installed LED boards at the border crossings in Krościenko, Medyka and Korczowa. The 31 carriers display information such as: ‘Nothing to declare’, ‘No entry’, as well as graphic symbols of road signs displayed in DIP RGB technology. LED information boards clearly convey the most important messages for drivers. LED information boards meet the requirements of PN-EN 12966 ‘Vertical road signs. Variable message road signs’.

  • dedicated content management software,
  • devices resistant to weather conditions.

Wykonane prace

Kuźnica Białostocka and Bobrowniki:

  • dot size: 20 mm,
  • matrix: RGB full colour,
  • resolution: 96×72 pix.

Medyka, Krościenko, Korczowa:

  • dot size: 16 mm,
  • matrix: RGB full colour,
  • resolution: 160x80pix.

Solution used

dedicated content management software – SCEO® SOFTWARE

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