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As part of the order we delivered three videowalls with a total size of 30464×3072 mm, diode spacing of 4 mm and resolution of 7616 x 768 pixels. The delivered walls create a coherent, multimedia background of the studio, which,

The proprietary SCEO® system ensures full optimisation and compatibility with existing systems. The solution we use is ideally suited to large sales networks. Currently, enterprises, shopping malls and public administration are increasingly opting for Digital Signage solutions, i.e. multimedia information

In July 2018, we carried out a comprehensive project for the Arena Gliwice sports hall, including the preparation of the detailed design, delivery, installation and commissioning of the supplied AV equipment, training, technical assistance and a complete as-built design of

The supplied SCEO® LED SCREEN with a pixel pitch of 2.8/5.6 mm and dimensions of 12000×3000 mm, which enabled the creation of a display with an impressive resolution of 4244×1056(528) px, enables transparency to be maintained at 50%. The dedicated

Our tasks included the delivery and installation of a new audiovisual system, disassembly of the existing system and adjustment of the supporting substructure and cabling, launching the system along with training employees in the use of the delivered equipment. As

Our duties also included the design and implementation of a dedicated suspended structure with appropriate equipment for content management. The VDWALL video processor was used for image scaling, equipped with two transmitting cards from the renowned NovaStar company. A dedicated

Appropriate selection of the product and components reduced power consumption and almost doubled the parameters of image brightness to 1200 cd/m2, while maintaining excellent contrast. Four MCTRL 600 controllers and a Datapath Fx4 video processor were also supplied, all integrated

The project also included the design and execution in accordance with the CNC technique of a lightweight support structure together with handles for electric chain winches. Thanks to D8+ electric chain winches supplied by us, as well as the cable

TVP Sport broadcasts many sports events on a daily basis. TDC Polska provided two efficient and energy-saving LED screens that enable the display of the highest quality content. The installation with curved geometry, adapted to the studio's scenography, is made

The screen refresh rate has been adapted to the video cameras so as to completely eliminate the flicker phenomenon. Due to the installation of the screen above the stands and the distance of viewers, we adjusted the size of the

Outdoor mobile LED banners have been installed at the stadium in Gliwice. The carriers are protected by rubber canopies and covers on the front. The LED banner with a steel housing and a length of 128 cm displays advertising materials

Since November 2016, three high-resolution SCEO® VIDEOWALL screens can be enjoyed on Nowa TV (the seventh TV channel of ZPR Media Group). The videowalls were equipped with the SCEO® ANTI MOIRÉ filter, which eliminates to a large extent the moiré effect

The supplied screen allows for the display of information during speedway races and football matches from a supplied notebook with dedicated software to support these disciplines, but also to display other content, such as prepared advertising materials or city information.

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