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Data realizacji
Miejsce realizacji
Kalisz, Polska

Interactive exhibition for the Multimedia Museum in Kalisz

Szczegóły realizacji:

In 2019, as part of an order by the Kalisz Town Hall, we delivered AV equipment and devices to create an exhibition dedicated to the historical and cultural heritage of Kalisz and the region in the premises of the historic Town Hall. The building was enriched with multimedia and interactive stands and exhibits, a sound system and a camera system. TDC Polska carried out comprehensive installations of AV devices, starting from the basement of the town hall through 6 levels leading to the observation point of the town hall tower, technical rooms as well as the room of the Tourist Information Centre. Installations aimed at creating an interactive exhibition that will attract the attention of the youngest visitors for a longer time.

Wykonane prace

Basement (exhibition areas, workshop rooms, presentation room, communication spaces)

  • 8 LG 32-55” touch monitors with video players and dedicated exhibition structures
  • Sound system by ECLER
  • Projection system – interactive floor with applications
  • Presentation system – OPTOMA brand projector, projection screen, sound system, wireless microphones

Exhibitions in communication spaces preceding the entrance to the town hall tower

  • 4 LG 32″ touch monitors with video players and dedicated exhibition structures
  • Camera viewing system on the viewing terrace – 32″ monitors, manipulators controlling cameras, exposition housings
  • Interactive touch table based on the LG 55” monitor
  • Sound system by ECLER
  • Projection system based on an OPTOMA projector and projection foil on a glass pane

Town Hall Tower

  • Sound system by ECLER and PHANPHONICS directional speakers
  • 4 walls videomapping system – 4 8000 Ansi Lumen projectors with Optoma ultra short throw optics, 4-output Watchmax Dataon media server
  • 3 LG 32″-43” touch monitors with video players and dedicated exhibition structures
  • Videowall made of 12 seamless 55″ LG monitors and 16-output processor/wall controller
  • Videowall made of 2 seamless LG 55” monitors with video players
  • Exhibition lighting system – LED luminaires, framing floodlights, linear luminaires, LED clock lighting
  • 4 showcases made in museum standard equipped with LED lighting and 43″ LCD transparent monitors with video players
  • 5 touch totems based on seamless 49″ LG monitors with video players
  • Viewing scopes with an insertion system

Tourist Information Centre

  • Videowall made of 2 seamless LG 49” monitors with video players
  • 5 All-In-One computers
  • Complete ticket system (including fiscal printers, barcode readers, computers, cashier drawer)
  • Audio guide system (including 35 receivers with headphones, 60 markers for activating recordings, induction loops)

Monitoring system throughout the facility

  • 2 IP visitor counting interfaces
  • 16 high-speed HD-CVI cameras
  • 4 HD-CVI outdoor dome cameras
  • Camera recorder

Control system and teletechnical facilities

  • EXTRON control unit
  • DALI/DMX interfaces
  • Control tablet
  • Animation trigger buttons
  • Twisted pair AV transmitters and receivers
  • Motion and depth sensors
  • Network switches and access points
  • Network infrastructure and HD-CVI
  • Telecommunication accessories and racks

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