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Data realizacji
Miejsce realizacji
Suwałki, Polska

LED screens – Arena Suwałki

In 2019, a modern sports hall, Arena Suwałki, was commissioned in Suwałki. It is the largest sports facility in the region. TDC Polska provided two LED screens, outdoor and indoor. TDC Polska provided an indoor screen in the size of 6400 x 3840 mm, a diode spacing of 5.0 mm and a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, thanks to which we obtained a high quality of the emitted image.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

The screen refresh rate has been adapted to the video cameras so as to completely eliminate the flicker phenomenon. Due to the installation of the screen above the stands and the distance of viewers, we adjusted the size of the display and the high viewing angle above 160 degrees, so that the displayed content was perfectly visible from any place in the arena. We also used a structure in the form of a truss suspended on chain winches, which was placed between the reinforced concrete pillars of the hall. The internal screen provided by us is subject to daily use, and the chain winch system used, despite everyday use, works flawlessly. It is very important, because possible services at height would entail additional costs for us as a contractor and difficulties for the customer.

For outdoor use, we provided a screen with a 10 mm diode spacing, dimensions of 10560 m x 3840 m and a resolution of 1056 x 384 pixels. The display was mounted with a structure dedicated to this project on a concrete foundation. The cabinets, appropriately selected for external conditions, allow the display of content on both sunny and rainy days, while maintaining very high quality of the emitted image. As part of the project, we designed and supplied a mobile rack transport enclosure for AV equipment. The housing is equipped with two covers, the front cover, which after pulling down and tightening two legs creates a handy table and the top cover prepared for the LCD monitor. The control desk’s mobility is based on allowing the screen to be transported between rooms, without fear of mechanical damage. The rack is prepared to overcome small obstacles, bends or thresholds thanks to the four Fi 100 wheels. The control desk is divided by two horizontal partitions, which divide the interior into three compartments, the lower compartment, the central compartment for 19″ equipment with an attachment for the UPS and the upper compartment for the video mixer and a 6-slot power strip. To enable real-time editing of content we used a Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio Pro HD video mixer, and to view live content we used IIYAMA ProLite 24″ equipment.

Parametry ekranów:

ekran wewnętrzny 5.0 mm / ekran zewnętrzny 10 mm
1280 x 768 pikseli / 1056 x 384 pikseli
6400 x 3840 mm / 10560m x 3840m
IMG 1884 scaled 1 - TDC Polska -

Solution used

  • suspended structure in the form of a truss
  • chain winch system
  • mobile racking for AV equipment
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