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Data realizacji
Kwiecień 2019
Miejsce realizacji
Warszawa, Polska

P1.6 LED videowall for TVP SPORT, Warsaw

TVP Sport is a Polish sports television station owned by Telewizja Polska S.A. In April 2019, we completed a project for TVP Sport, the scope of which primarily included the design and delivery with installation of a curved LED videowall.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

TVP Sport broadcasts many sports events on a daily basis. TDC Polska provided two efficient and energy-saving LED screens that enable the display of the highest quality content. The installation with curved geometry, adapted to the studio’s scenography, is made of two LED screens in the aspect ratio of 16:9 and 4×16:9, the total area of which is 19 m2. They constitute a studio background adapted to the arrangement. The horizontal resolution of the system, based on an LED matrix with a 1.6 mm raster, which corresponds to the UHDTV (Hi-Vision) standard, is 7,680 pixels. The resolution of single screens is 1536×864 and 6144×864. To ensure excellent image quality, a dot by dot screen calibration was performed on-site – the entire surface of the matrix was adjusted to the REC709 standard, ensuring a uniform and realistic image when displaying films, photos or other graphics. The functionality and experience of our LED screens is not only determined by the high quality of the matrices themselves. Equally important are the management systems invisible to the viewer and the transmission of images from various sources. Reliability is ensured by redundant power supply systems (current backup) and redundant image paths (signal backup). Dual receiving and transmitting cards and a dual cabling system allow the system to work seamlessly with two signal sources, while external power supplies automatically take over from the main power supply in the event of its failure. The total number of receiving cards is 320, while the number of LED controllers is 8. The main content distribution system supports four video signals independently for each of the panoramic screens. It also gives the possibility of any combination of images for all the matrices. It includes a professional Pandora’s Box Server media server along with a Coolux Pandora’s Box Player workstation, a preview monitor and a Jog Shuttle controller. The back-up content distribution system supports up to 5 SDI video signals and automatically adjusts the projected images to the native resolution of the LED screens, while an 8×8 video matrix with 4K I/O cards with a redundant power subsystem ensures video continuity and allows the system to be immediately switched to the back-up content distribution system.

Parametry ekranów:

1.6 mm
1536x864 / 6144x864
16:9 oraz 4x16:9
tvp ekran led tv tdcpolska - TDC Polska -

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