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Data realizacji
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Mobile LED screen for ZDF TV station

In 2018, TDC Polska delivered a mobile LED videowall for programme two of German TV station ZDF, which is currently the largest TV station in Europe. As part of the project, we provided a display with a 1.5 mm diode spacing and a resolution above 3072 × 1728, thanks to which we were able to meet the high requirements of the ZDF station, which wanted very high quality images. It is a solution specially dedicated to screens in TV studios.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

Cabinets are configured in such a way as to accurately reproduce the 16:9 format. This means that you can easily scale the played film materials, video clips, animations and other graphic content. The LED videowall was mounted on a structure specially designed by TDC Polska, which allows the screen to be transported between studio rooms without fear of mechanical damage. The structure is also prepared to overcome small obstacles, bends or thresholds in the TV studio building. As a precautionary measure, in the event of an unforeseen failure, signal and current backups have been installed. The installed Novastar control and signal supply system was adapted to the requirements of the ZDF station and is fully compatible with 1080i25 and 1080p50 signals, as are the RGBLINK 4k processors, which enable scaling and cropping of the image to adapt the content displayed to the broadcast.

As part of the project, TDC Polska also delivered a mobile power switchgear that meets both German VDE requirements and pan-European standards. Thanks to this solution, the screen can be powered via standard connections in every television studio.

Parametry ekranów:

1.5 mm
3072 × 1728
Mobilny ekran LED dla Stacji telewizyjnej ZDF male - TDC Polska -
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