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Data realizacji
Grudzień 2017
Miejsce realizacji
Baile na hAbhann, Irlandia

P2.6 LED videowalls for TG4 TV Studio, Baile on hAbhann, Ireland

At the turn of November and December 2017, TDC Polska made an installation for the Irish TG4 television. Two SCEO® VIDEOWALLS are made of SCEO® LED SCREEN PH2.6 mm. LED walls with a total area of 16 m2 made it possible to obtain two identical display areas with a resolution of 1536×768 each. Each wall is additionally equipped with a SCEO®ANTI MOIRÉ filter, ensuring perfect image quality on videowalls during TV recordings.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

The installation made for TG4, apart from the LED walls, included a comprehensive design, supply and installation of support structures, placed on dedicated sliding rollers, facilitating service access to the built screens.

The LED screens are controlled by 4 controllers supplied by TDC Polska, powered by video signals from two advanced 16-input graphic processors. The processors, in addition to scaling functions, made it possible to build a matrix based on 8 HDMI inputs and 8 SDI inputs.

Dual signal line ensures uninterrupted operation in the event of failure of any main signal path.

TG4 television studio is the tenth European television studio equipped with LED videowalls supplied by TDC POLSKA. At the same time, it is the fifth installation based on SCEO® ANTI MOIRÉ proprietary solution, following installations made for ZDF in Germany, NRK in Norway, LRT in Lithuania and ZPR in Poland.

Parametry ekranów:

1536x768px każdy wyświetlacz
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