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Data realizacji
Sierpień 2019
Miejsce realizacji
Skierniewice, Polska

Skierniewice Museum – AV system

The Historical Museum of Skierniewice promotes and protects the cultural and historical heritage of the city and its surroundings. It organises historical and art exhibitions. It is a meeting place with cultural creators and historians, and in addition, they organise lectures and concerts. In August 2019, the Historical Museum of Skierniewice was enriched with the latest audiovisual technologies.

Szczegóły realizacji:

As part of the project, we used a touch screen Samsung PM43F-BC with a diagonal of 43”, a resolution of 1920x1080px and a viewing angle of 178 degrees and a Samsung PM55F-BC screen with a diagonal of 55” and a resolution of 1920×1080. We have also delivered the latest technology interactive kiosk with dedicated SCEO® software (SCEO® KIOSK, SCEO® TABLE, SCEO® BOX STANDARD), which allows you to freely manage the displayed content. The screen used in the interactive kiosk allows you to display the content from almost any angle, which allows visitors to use the device by several people at the same time. The interactive kiosk provides quick and easy access to all content and is an ideal information carrier. Our tasks also included the delivery and installation of a sound system. To best publicise the museum space, we used Panphonics SSHA speakers, a manufacturer specialising in the production of high-quality, professional directional speakers, providing the Soundshower® effect.

Wideo z realizacji:

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