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Data realizacji
Miejsce realizacji
Havelberg, Niemcy

Interactive exhibition for the Haus Der Flüsse Science Park, Havelberg, Germany

In 2015, we had the pleasure to create elements of the exhibition of the Haus Der Flüsse science park, which is the key object of the exhibitions held in Germany – BUGA 2015. The most important element of the entire exhibition is the interactive floor, which illustrates the natural behaviour of the river, i.e. the change in the course of its bed or the formation of oxbow lakes. Our proprietary tracking system allows you to accurately visualise the places where the tracked objects are at the moment, so that the water can flow around, changing its current at the same time.

Szczegóły realizacji:

The high-quality LED screen, placed under the glass floor, allows you to visualise the smallest details, making the entire simulation look very effective. Another element of the exhibition is a dozen or so stations that use touch monitors, Arduino controllers and actuators. Thanks to the work of our development team, we were able to create advanced interactive stations that are admired by thousands of tourists visiting the facility located in Havelberg, Germany.

Wideo z realizacji:

Parametry ekranów:

6.00m x 1.70m
audio wizualne strona glowna - TDC Polska -

Solution used

  • interactive LED floor,
  • innovative people tracking system
  • advanced river simulation
  • interactive applications
  • exposure control with Arduino controllers
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