Thanks to indoor advertising the presented material meets the recipient also in closed spaces such as sports halls, exhibitions, trade fairs, making the message more attractive and catching the attention of customers.

Contents presented on large indoor screens are usually received from a closer distance than in case of large outdoor screens. That is why the large indoor screens more commonly use SMD LEDs (they have been discussed above, in the section dedicated to the outdoor screens). Basically, they use RGB solution –three LEDs: red (R), green (G) and blue (B).

Screens used inside buildings have a pixel size of 0.6 - 10mm

The key parameter distinguishing the indoor large screens from the outdoor ones is brightness. Screens for use inside the buildings may have lower brightness than those used outdoors. The minimum value of brightness for outdoor large screens is 700cd / m². However, under bright lighting screens with higher brightness parameters are used, for example 2500cd/m².

Indoor screens do not require additional protection against weather. Typically, the IP indicator has a lower value. They are mounted mainly on the supporting structures of different sizes; do not require special protection against vandalism.

Indoor solutions are usually mounted directly on the walls or are hanging under the ceiling. The requirement to meet in both cases is the ability to hold the weight of the large screen by the load-bearing wall.

Outdoor and indoor large screens offered by TDC Polska contain dedicated SCEO®software package. It allows you to easily configure large screen and quickly and efficiently manage the content displayed on the screen. Control is made through a computer with internet access, thus it is possible to access to manage the content from anywhere on Earth.


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