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Data realizacji
Sierpień 2019
Miejsce realizacji

LED screens for the CCC chain of shops

In August 2019, TDC Polska started cooperation with a well-known company of CCC shoe shops. The project includes the delivery of dedicated SCEO® LED SCREENS with a 4.0 mm dot and a total area of 600 m 2 not only in Poland, but also in Central and Southern Europe, including Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and the Czech Republic.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

The proprietary SCEO® system ensures full optimisation and compatibility with existing systems. The solution we use is ideally suited to large sales networks. Currently, enterprises, shopping malls and public administration are increasingly opting for Digital Signage solutions, i.e. multimedia information carriers. The dedicated SCEO® SOFTWARE solution allows us to remotely manage all installed screens, which in turn allows customers to save time and minimise expenses. Thanks to our software, it is possible to change the content within a few minutes of its delivery, we also provide immediate reaction to external factors by any modification of the content, thanks to which the recipients focus their attention much longer than on traditional media such as posters or billboards. SCEO® LED SCREENS used in CCC showrooms are characterised by high efficiency and low energy consumption. The average power requirement for this type of equipment is about 30 watts per square meter of display area, compared to other solutions this is very good.

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