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Data realizacji
Miejsce realizacji
Bremen, Niemcy

LED VIDEOCUBE ÖVB Arena Bremen, Germany

In 2019, TDC Polska delivered and installed a VIDEOCUBE in the latest LED technology PH3.9 in the form of a 4-sided LED screen as part of a project for the ÖVB Arena Bremen. The subject of the contract was not only the delivery, assembly and configuration of advanced AV equipment, integration with the existing infrastructure, power distribution system, fibre optic cabling and fibre optic converters, but also an easy to dismantle aluminium substructure made in the QUADRO truss system.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

Each wall of the VIDEOCUBE provided by us is equipped with a screen measuring 4.00 x 2.5 m in a ratio close to 16:9 and a total resolution of 1024 x 640 pixels. The black SMD LEDs used in this project significantly improve the contrast parameters. Special positioning pins, cooperating with the bolt locks, ensure trouble-free connection and easy installation. The screens are characterised by passive cooling, without a fan, which guarantees quiet operation. One of the required functionalities of the structure was high mobility of the display, which was a big challenge due to the limited space in relation to the volume of the necessary cabling, the restrictive limits of the overall weight of the structure and, above all, the need to organise the cables when lowering or lifting the structure. This is why we opted for the ZIGZAG cable reel system from the IGUS e-guide range, complete with TwisterChain® separators and Chainflex® chain relief system. The solution works perfectly with IGUS dedicated cables: Chainflex® control cables and Chainflex® bus cables with a mounting adapter that controls the bending radius. When the Videocube is lifted, the cable guide disappears into a specially designed basket integrated into the overall structure. The LED wall system has been integrated with a modern, highly advanced Analogway 4K video processor and a winch system. The ÖVB Arena Bremen is a very dynamic venue. Our VIDEOCUBE is subject to daily use, and the solutions we use work flawlessly. It is very important, because possible services at height would entail additional costs for us as a contractor and difficulties for the customer. The display provided by TDC Polska provides the highest quality broadcast image during sports shows, concerts and other cultural events, which gives viewers a sense of real participation in the event and makes all the events organised in the hall more attractive.

The offered LED screen is based on a certified product, both under the EMC electromagnetic reliability standards (2014/30 / EU) and as the low voltage directive (2014/35 / EU) and is marked with the CE mark.

Wideo z realizacji:

Parametry ekranów:

3.9 mm
1024 x 640 px
1000 nitów
Częstotliwość odświeżania
Do zmiany
każda ściana 4,00 x 2,5 m
tablice wynikow41 - TDC Polska -

Zastosowane rozwiązanie

  • czarne diody SMD
  • system zwijania kabli ZIGZAG z serii e-prowadników renomowanej firmy IGUS
  • aluminiowa podkonstrukcja wykonana w systemie kratownic  QUADRO
  • wysoko zaawansowany wideoprocesor Analogway 4K
  • pełna kompatybilność EMC
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