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Data realizacji
Miejsce realizacji
Poznań, Polska

LED screens for the Poznań International Fair

The Poznań International Fair is a leader among trade fair centres in Poland, as well as Central and Eastern Europe. In 2019, we received an order from Poznań International Fair for multifunctional rental indoor screens with complete accessories, such as a dedicated aluminium structure, allowing the screen to be built in any configuration.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

TDC Polska has provided a LED SCEO® LED SCREEN with a 3.9 mm diode spacing, which consists of 264 cabinets and creates an area of 66 m2. The display has been mounted on a light aluminium structure that makes it easy to build any configuration. The screen equipment also includes a set of 33 flight cases, hanging/ground beams as well as signal and current wiring. The second delivered display is SCEO® LED SCREEN with 2.8 mm diode spacing, consisting of 80 cabinets, which make up an area of 19 m2. It is dedicated to displaying high-resolution images with relatively small screen dimensions. The advantage of the screen used by us is complete compatibility with the existing fair structures. The display can be built into the wall of a given station, because it was created in the same size as the modules from which Poznań International Fair builds the stations. As part of the project, we also supplied mobile 32A rack-mounted electrical distribution boards with power cables and NOVASTAR all-in-one LED controllers with scaling and fast switching of video sources. This solution makes the installation multifunctional, allows the use of multiple signal sources simultaneously and at the same time ensures efficient switching between the sources. An additional advantage is the scaling function, which allows you to properly adjust the selected content to the screen size. It gives the possibility of free management of the broadcast image. To facilitate the transport of the screens, we provided 6U Rack suitcases, which enable transport without fear of mechanical damage. The entire installation for Poznań International Fair was prepared in such a way that it could meet the requirements of any event organised by Poznań International Fair.

Parametry ekranów:

3.9 mm / 2.8 mm
66m2 / 19m2
ekran wewnetrzny 1 - TDC Polska -

Solution used

  • flight cases
  • light aluminium structure
  • current and signal wiring
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