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Data realizacji
Październik 2019
Miejsce realizacji
Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Niemcy

LED screen in 3D technology for the University of Applied Sciences in Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Germany

In October 2019, TDC Polska, as part of a project for the University of Applied Sciences in Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Germany, delivered a LED screen with a 1.2 mm dot in 3D Stereo technology. The videowall is used for research and development in the field of Visual Computing, also as part of the ‘Campus to World’ project.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

The supplied 3D Stereo technology is intended both for research and for everyday use during classes with students, lectures and commercial presentations for companies and public entities. The supplied LED screen with a size of over 5 m2, in 16:9 aspect ratio, enables displaying in a resolution exceeding FULL HD – 2400px x 1350px. The 4K controller and processor together with the 3D transmitter allow you to display stereoscopic images in very high quality. The system provides high refresh rates on the plane of one eye (a total of 120 Hz, 60 Hz at the level of one eye), which eliminates the flickering effect very often occurring in competitors’ products. The controller is also integrated with the processor, which allows you to immediately scale the displayed content and adjust it to the screen resolution. The videowall provided by TDC Polska was mounted directly on the wall. Properly selected viewing angles ensure perfect image quality in any place of viewing the displayed content.

Parametry ekranów:

1.2 mm
2400px x 1350px
bonn - TDC Polska -

Solutions used

  • SCEO® LED SCREEN in 3D technology
  • Resolution exceeding FULL HD
  • high refresh rate
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