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Data realizacji
Marzec 2016
Miejsce realizacji
Rybnik, Polska

P10 LED screen – City Stadium in Rybnik

In March 2016, TDC POLSKA delivered an outdoor LED screen with an area of over 36 m2 based on SCEO® LED SCREEN PH10 mm. The dimensions of 7040×5120 mm allowed to achieve a resolution of 704×512 pixels.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

The supplied screen allows for the display of information during speedway races and football matches from a supplied notebook with dedicated software to support these disciplines, but also to display other content, such as prepared advertising materials or city information. It also supports all events organised primarily by the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre in Rybnik.

Parametry ekranów:

10 mm
Ekran LED P10 Stadion Miejski w Rybniku - TDC Polska -
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