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Data realizacji
Marzec 2017
Miejsce realizacji
Sztokholm, Szwecja

P1.6 LED videowall for Hotel AT SIX, Stockholm, Sweden

In March 2017, TDC POLSKA delivered a unique videowall based on SCEO® LED SCREEN PH1.6mm for the Swedish Hotel At Six in Stockholm. The screen with an area of over 36 m2 achieves a horizontal resolution close to 8K, i.e. 7296×1728.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

The screen was installed as part of the main stage equipment of the hotel room and fully integrated with the AV infrastructure provided by the general contractor, i.e. the advanced TV ONE CORIOMASTER graphics processor, the CRESTRON control system and an advanced audio system. Controllers provided by our company are responsible for handling over 12.5 million pixels of the videowall. In order to ensure appropriate room acoustics, the controllers were placed together with the power supply system in a soundproofed room located under the main stage directly under the screen. After assembly, the screen was calibrated, which allowed for exceptional uniformity and colour reproduction.

Parametry ekranów:

1.6 mm
bliska 8K tj. 7296x1728px
salekonferencyjne5 - TDC Polska -

Solution used

  • TV ONE CORIOMASTER advanced graphics processor
  • CRESTRON control system
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