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Data realizacji
Październik 2018
Miejsce realizacji
Warszawa, Polska

P1.6 LED videowall for a TVP INFO studio, Warsaw

The TVP INFO station is the main news channel of Polish Public Television, broadcasting news, current affairs programmes and reports. In October 2018, we equipped the TVP INFO studio with a large P1.6 mm LED screen with a total area of 51.246 m2 and a resolution of 13824×1296 px.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

The curved structure of the display has been closely matched to the form of the studio scenery and ensures correct image perception. The parameters used – including the P1.6 mm raster – allowed for very high quality of the displayed content. Nearly 18 million pixels are responsible for the perfect display of details. In order to obtain a uniform and realistic representation of the content presented on the screen in the REC709 standard (created for HD displays), after installation, we performed a dot by dot calibration. We integrated image distribution with the broadcast system and other elements of the infrastructure functioning in the TVP INFO studio. As part of the project, 864 receiver cards were installed, as well as 20 LED controllers and 2 technologically advanced vision processors, ensuring fast image processing from multiple sources. Reliability is ensured by a signal backup that protects all elements of the signal path, as well as a current backup that protects against any problems related to voltage drop or power cut-off. We have obtained a signal backup of the control system thanks to the implementation of two independent signal lines. The current backup is provided by external power supplies operating in the redundant system. In the event of a primary power supply problem, this solution automatically transfers the power to the redundant power supply.

Wideo z realizacji:

Parametry ekranów:

1.6 mm
13824x1296 px
51,246 m2
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