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Data realizacji
Miejsce realizacji

LED screens for a TV station, Finland

In 2019, TDC Polska implemented a project for a Finnish TV station. The project included the implementation of a full multimedia scenography project and integration with the existing system. As part of the project, we delivered two high-quality LED screens with a 3.9 mm dot and a resolution of 5568×448 px and a 1.2 mm dot in the aspect ratio of 32:9 (twice 16:9).

Szczegóły realizacji:

The provided screen with a 3.9 mm dot and a resolution of 5568×448 pixels together with the proprietary SCEO®ANTI MOIRE FILTER solution was formed in the shape of the U-letter, which creates a multimedia background and gives the studio a unique character. Thanks to the dedicated SCEO®ANTI MOIRE FILTER system, which prevents the formation of artifacts caused by differences between the TV camera matrix and the LED screen. The second of the supplied LED displays has a diode spacing of 1.2 mm in the ratio 32:9 (twice 16:9). The screen with a size of 6000×1687.5 mm achieves a resolution of 4800×1350 pixels, which allows for the emission of a high-quality image. All screens are equipped with a double power supply system, i.e. double power supplies inside the cabinets. In order to ensure the highest image quality, we have used a DATAPATH FX4 processor dedicated to videowalls, which divides and scales video signals emitted by the VIZART Broadcast System. As part of the television studio equipment, we also provided MCTRL660PRO controllers of the renowned NOVASTAR brand and highly technologically advanced receiving cards from the Armor series. The provided LED screens create a coherent, multimedia arrangement, which is a scenographic solution used more and more frequently. Adjusting the studio to the broadcast programme now takes much less time and requires much less effort.

Wideo z realizacji:

Parametry ekranów:

3.9 mm / 1.2 mm
5568x448 pikseli / 4800x1350 pikseli
21750x1750 / 6000x1687,5
32:9 (dwa razy 16:9)
ekran wewnetrzny 3 1 - TDC Polska -

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