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Data realizacji
Sierpień 2017
Miejsce realizacji
Uppsala, Szwecja

P1.4 LED videowall for the Uppsala University, Sweden

In August 2017, TDC POLSKA provided the Swedish University of Uppsala with one of the first screens of this type in Europe, i.e. a nearly 25 m2 videowall based on the SCEO® LED SCREEN PH1.4 mm screen. The screen reaches a resolution as high as 4480×2820, exceeding true 4K.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

The screen was installed in the University Theatre Hall in a curved form with a radius of 14,800 mm in a way that ensures correct reception of the content by all people in the room.

The videowall has been fully integrated with the AV system provided by the cooperating supplier, i.e. the CRESTRON control system. Its powerful matrix allows you to display many sources such as: a videoconference system, cameras, 4K graphics station, any other sources and the TV ONE CORIOMASTER processor.

The videowall controllers supplied by our company are responsible for handling more than 11 million pixels displayed on the screen, while the integrated processor allows any content displayed on the videowall to be distributed from all input sources.

The videowall is also integrated with the advanced audio system existing in the Theatre Hall. This makes it possible to display all kinds of content such as films, presentations, animations in the most advanced form and quality in terms of both audio and 4K video signals. After installation, the screen was calibrated on site, which made it possible to achieve exceptional uniformity both in terms of wall joints and content reproduction parameters.

In order to maintain proper acoustics in the Theatre Hall, all equipment emitting any noise, such as power supplies and videowall controllers, were placed in a technical room away from the hall.

Parametry ekranów:

1.4 mm
przekraczająca 4K - 4480x2820px
Uppsala 2 2 - TDC Polska -

Zastosowane rozwiązanie

  • systemem sterowania CRESTRON
  • zakrzywiony ekran LED  o promieniu 14800 mm
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