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Data realizacji
Wrzesień 2019
Miejsce realizacji

Social Insurance Institution conference room

In September 2019, TDC Polska completed the order for the Social Insurance Institution. Social Insurance Institution is a state-run organisation with legal personality that carries out tasks in the field of social insurance in Poland. It is a unit of the public finance sector. The project consisted in equipping a conference room with a LED screen together with the structure, All-in-One controller, as well as configuration and commissioning of the installation.

Galeria realizacji:

Szczegóły realizacji:

The provided LED screen along with the existing conference system facilitates the conduct of business meetings or employee training. TDC Polska provided a screen in the size of 5120 x 3072 mm, a diode spacing of 4.0 mm and a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, thanks to which we obtained a high quality of the emitted image. LED videowall has been calibrated in such a way that image parameters such as colour temperature and uniformity of display are adapted to the conditions in the conference room. As a precautionary measure, in the event of an unforeseen failure, signal and current backups have been installed. For signal control, an all-in-one LED controller with NovaStar scaling and quick-switching of video sources was used. This solution makes the installation multifunctional, allows the use of multiple signal sources simultaneously and at the same time ensures efficient switching between the sources. An additional advantage is the scaling function, which allows you to properly adjust the selected content to the screen size. The screen was mounted on a dedicated support structure. The installation is perfectly integrated between the reinforced concrete supports, thanks to which, together with the decoration of the room, it creates an aesthetic arrangement.

Parametry ekranów:

4.0 mm
1280 x 768 px
ponad 15m2 / 5120×3072 mm
zus miniatura - TDC Polska -
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