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Data realizacji
Grudzień 2019
Miejsce realizacji
Warszawa, Polska

Polsat TV studio

At the end of 2019 we received an order from the Polsat TV station to provide LED screens together with a structure. Studio B is specifically dedicated to the Super Stacja channel, which broadcasts mainly news programmes, weather forecasts and other live programmes.

Szczegóły realizacji:

As part of the order we delivered three videowalls with a total size of 30464×3072 mm, diode spacing of 4 mm and resolution of 7616 x 768 pixels. The delivered walls create a coherent, multimedia background of the studio, which, despite everyday use, works flawlessly. The work related to this project included not only the delivery of screens and structures, but also the creation of a project for the preparation and distribution of content in order to integrate the entire installation with the VizRT system. LED screens have been calibrated in such a way that image parameters such as colour temperature and uniformity of display are adapted to the conditions in the studio. As a precautionary measure, in the event of an unforeseen failure, signal and current backups have been installed.

The Polsat TV station also placed an order for dedicated mobile structures for the 12 screens with a 1.5 mm pitch that the station has. Thanks to these structures, it is possible to freely connect the screen fragments. It is an innovative stage design solution that gives you great freedom in creating new, unique scenery. Adjusting the studio to the broadcast programme now takes much less time and requires much less effort.

Parametry ekranów:

4 mm
7616 x 768 pikseli
30464x3072 mm
polsat studio telewizyjne ekrany led tdcpolska - TDC Polska -
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